Author Guidelines

Peer Review

All manuscripts are subject to peer review by a number of the editorial board members and are expected to meet standards of academic excellence and  those not meet the journal requirements and standards will be rejected.

Preparation of the Manuscript

Manuscripts should be typed in double space (12 pt, Times New Roman font) on A4 or in letter size page. All pages should be numbered consecutively. Use SI units, and give equivalent SI units in parenthesis when the use of other units is unavoidable. Symbols should conform to standard guidelines.

Title and Authorship Information

The following information should be included Paper title

  • Full author names
  • Institutional mailing addresses
  • Email addresses of corresponding author(s)

It should be short & informative, to be typed in only first letter of the first word capital; also, after colon or hyphen, first letter of the first word capital. Latin names are to be given in italics. Names of authors to be typed in first letters capital . Addresses of the authors institution (s) where the work was carried out. E-mail address of the corresponding author(s). Author for correspondence should be indicated with an asterisk (*)

Main Headings

Each manuscript should be divided into the following main headings (typed in bold, first letters capital, on the left hand side of the page; 12 pt):

  • Abstract
  • Keywords
  • Introduction
  • Materials and Methods
  • Results
  • Discussion
  • Conclusions
  • Conflict of Interest
  • Acknowledgement (if any)
  • References
Sub-Headings (if any)

Typed in flush left, bold, first letters capital (12 pt).

Sub-Sub Headings (if any)

Bold-Italics, first letters capital (10 pt).


Tables should be cited consecutively in the text. Every table must have a descriptive title and if numerical measurements are given, the units should be included in the column heading. Vertical rules should not be used.


The line drawings, illustrations or photographs will be accepted in Word files, GIF, JPEG, etc. Lettering, numbering, symbols and lines in the graphs/illustrations should be sufficiently clear and large.


All references must be numbered consecutively and citations of references in text should be identified using numbers in square brackets (e.g., It is well established that oxidative stress drives tumor progression and metastasis [7]. Bcl-2 family proteins are responsible for drug resistance in cancerous cells [9, 10]).

The style of references should be:
Research Papers

Schulke S, Dreidax D, Malik A, Burmester T, Nevo E, Band M, Avivi A, Hankeln T: Living with stress: regulation of antioxidant defense genes in the subterranean, hypoxia-tolerant mole rat, Spalax. Gene 2012, 500:199-206.

Shams I, Nevo E, Avivi A: Ontogenetic expression of erythropoietin and hypoxia-inducible factor-1 alpha genes in subterranean blind mole rats. FASEB J 2005, 19:307-309.

Copyright Policy

Open Access authors retain the copyrights of their papers, and all open access articles are distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits unrestricted use, distribution and reproduction in any medium, provided that the original work is properly cited.

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